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    It is easy: 1st step


    an exam

    webomr create exam


    the exam sheet

    webomr download answer sheet
  • It is fast: 2nd Step

    Collect exams

    webomr collect exam from student

    Scan them

    webomr scann exam in tif format


    webomr upload exam
  • It is safe: 3rd step

    Let us do

    the magic

    webomr process exam

    Get the

    result folder

    webomr download results

What we do

Web based Optical Mark Recognition (webOMR) is a remote service for recognizing the answers of mutiple choices exam sheets from universities, colleges or schools. It is a paid-per-exam-sheet service that universities, departments or professors use to easily, promptly and efficiently correct multiple choice exams. So instead of having a dedicated office for correcting multiple choice exams or buying, installing and maintaining specialized software for each faculty member, webOMR is an absolutely scalable and cost-effective solution.

webomr scann exams
Scann the exams' sheets

Download an exam type that respond to your requirements, give the exam to your students, collect them and finally scann them!

webomr upload exam
Upload (.tif or .zip)

You can either upload many .tif files or make a .zip containing all the exams. .tif must be at least 200dpi and in BW, to save some time during the uploading and processing.

webomr get results
We get you the results

We prepare for you an excel file, where you will input the correct answer, and so get the mark of each student ID. It is completely secure since the correct answers will never be in the web, but only in your device.

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Contact us for a Free Trial where you will able to test webOMR in a real exam situaltion.

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Videos ... more to come

A small example "How it works".
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A short slideshow.
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